mandag 31. desember 2012

And I really

thought that I were to post a lot of fishing on this blog this year... that did`nt happend. Family and work is at the wery top of the list. There has been lots of fishing but I can`t allways end the fishing in front of my laptop. Another summer has passed and my flies has deen dipped in fresh water again. In Sweden Icought my wery first pike.  The boat became a closed chapter when I sold it this summer. And we moved back to the urbanity and a more A4 structured life, close to work with a more suitable and social enviroment for kids, In just hours or a few days nine months has past....

Wish you all a Happy new (fishing)year!!
I did hope a few year ago that I could start a business within fishing, guiding and maybe do some filming and commercial, but I have to realise that starting something like that really takes everything that should be in the same line as work and family. And I believe that such kind of a job could wreck the R&R in my own fishing, not that there is any rest in my fishing as I always seem to use more energy than I do when I`m at work. R&R I guess is doing what you love to do.
I have to idmit that I have grown a bigger interest in my job after I left the company I started in last year  and went back to the roots in the small firm that I have been working in for 10 yrs this summer. I guess I would be better off in the future operating as a thinsmith in a broad specter of metal in construction and facades than just assembeling ventillationsystems. Hopefully I can give a little of my skills to youngsters that is at the beginning of their career.

For the upcoming year I will be fishing, fishing and fishing. That is the main thing next after family and work and I will be posting as much as I`m able to do and some of the fishing will be posted from my phone.

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